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Press Statement

Kinshasa, 5th October 2023

The Democratic Republic of Congo is renowned for its abundant mineral resources and the pivotal role the mining industry plays in its economy. However, this sector often encounters challenges that demand reliability, compliance with the highest standards, and a focus on sustainability. Amidst this landscape, Buenassa emerges as a promising company set to transform the Congolese mining industry.

Buenassa is a company headquartered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, founded and directed by Mr. Eddy B.K Kioni. Our company is driven by a vision to unlock the full potential of Congo's natural mineral resources through local transformation. With a mission to become a key player in the market for processed minerals, Buenassa aims to establish a value-added chain that benefits the national economy. We aspire to cover the entire mineral supply chain, from extraction to export, while promoting responsible practices that align with climate action and contribute to the inclusive economic development of local communities, particularly youth and gender.

One of Buenassa's distinctive features is its plan to establish a refinery for the transformation of essential ores, specifically copper and cobalt. By focusing on products such as copper cathodes, cobalt hydroxide, cobalt sulfate, and lithium, Buenassa aims to develop a sustainable approach that strengthens the national economy and enhances the well-being of the Congolese population.

Our company aims to produce high-quality copper cathodes that meet the growing demand from various sectors, including electronics, solar energy, and the automobile industry. These minerals are increasingly sought after, particularly for rechargeable batteries and emerging technologies. Buenassa seizes this opportunity to diversify its offerings and position itself as a major player in the global Congolese mining industry.

Buenassa places great importance on responsible practices within the mining sector. Our integrated approach ensures that every stage of the supply chain adheres to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. From extraction to export, Buenassa oversees each step, guaranteeing the quality and traceability of our products. We have dedicated teams for each stage, ensuring efficient and reliable management throughout the entire process.

To ensure transparency and ethical production, Buenassa leverages blockchain technology. This technology enables transparent and immutable storage and verification of transactions. By recording every step of the supply chain on the blockchain, Buenassa provides stakeholders with verifiable information regarding the origin of minerals and the conditions under which they were mined. This builds confidence in the ethical provenance of Buenassa's products.

Furthermore, Buenassa is committed to adopting responsible practices and minimizing its impact on climate change. We actively support the “Climate Smart Mining” initiative, which promotes climate-friendly mining practices and energy efficiency. By incorporating these initiatives into our operations, Buenassa contributes to the global fight against climate change and strives for environmentally friendly mining processes.

Buenassa's commitment to sustainable development, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship is evident. We recognize the mining sector's potential in the DRC to fuel economic growth and improve the living conditions of local communities. By embracing responsible and sustainable practices and investing in projects that benefit these communities and protect the environment, Buenassa aims to maximize its positive impact.

While the journey to achieve our objectives in this complex market may be long, Buenassa possesses remarkable dynamism and seizes present opportunities to actively contribute to the Congolese national economy.



Buenassa is a company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose vision is to cover the entire mineral supply chain, from extraction to export, by promoting responsible practices embedded in the climate action awareness and for the benefit of local communities, supporting inclusive economic development of youth and gender.

Buenassa develops projects aiming at implementing local minerals beneficiation programs for the development of the congolese national mining industry with a regional reach.

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