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Press Release - Japan Mission

Kinshasa, July 14th 2023

Buenassa is participating in the trade mission on mining and investment promotion between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Japan.

This highly regarded event highlights the importance of adding value to local minerals, strengthening trade relations between the two countries and exploring investment opportunities in the DRC's mining sector. As one of the world's leading players in the mining industry, Japan has shown a keen interest in the DRC's resource potential.

The first day of the event, July 12, was dedicated to an exhibition showcasing the value of local minerals through artistic expression, presented by the Liyolo Foundation in the presence of ANAPI, the government agency in charge of investment promotion, and CEEC, the government agency in charge of mineral certification, implementation of responsible mining standards and traceability. This allowed participants to discover the various mining resources present in the DRC and to consider their economic and environmental potential.

The second day, July 13, was devoted to sessions aimed at presenting the Congolese public and private organizations involved in the mining ecosystem. These presentations highlighted investment opportunities in the Congolese mining sector, as well as initiatives put in place to foster sustainable and responsible development with a focus on the development of batteries for electric cars aimed at creating value throughout the industrial chain with all supporting sectors considered starting with green energy and transport infrastructure. Buenassa also used the opportunity to present its own achievements and advances in the Congolese mining sector, highlighting its contribution to supporting an energy transition in the context of climate action.

"Our participation in this trade mission demonstrates our commitment to the development of the Congolese mining sector and our desire to strengthen ties between the DRC and Japan. We believe that the valorization of local minerals and the development of car batteries are essential opportunities to add value to the industrial chain while improving the environment. We are proud to present our initiatives and work with other stakeholders to promote this vision." said Mr. Eddy KIONI, Founder and Managing Director of Buenassa.

Buenassa is thrilled to be taking part about the opportunities that have been discussed and the impact that the achievements resulting from the discussions held will have on the evolution of the mining sector in the DRC.



BUENASSA is a young company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo that aims to provide full coverage of the raw materials supply chain, from extraction to export, promoting the responsible practices of the Climate Smart Mining initiative and ensuring traceability using Blockchain technology throughout the process.

BUENASSA is also developing solutions for the financing, processing, recycling and trading of minerals considered 'critical and strategic, while contributing to the implementation of local mineral recovery programs for the development of its national mining industry.

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