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Press Release

Kinshasa, July 17th 2023

Buenassa successfully participated in the recent trade mission to Japan aimed at strengthening strategic partnerships and investment in the mining sector in the DRC, which brought together a high-level delegation and representatives from various mining industries and regulations in both countries.

The mission's objectives were to present and explore business opportunities in the DRC's mining sector, likely to encourage direct and indirect Japanese private and public investment, not only in mining and the mineral supply chain, but also and above all in setting up local processing units and value chains in the DRC.

This trade mission was made possible thanks to the active participation of several Congolese stakeholders, including the Conseil Congolais de la batterie (CCB), the Centre d'Expertise, d'Evaluation et de Certification (CEEC), the Fonds Minier, the Cellule Climat des affaires (CCA), the Agence Nationale de Promotion des Investissements ( ANAPI), the Cadastre Minier (CAMI) and the Service Géologique. The presence of these key players contributed to Congo's representativeness in the discussions and to the highlighting of its economic assets.

The Buenassa team attended a series of meetings, conferences and bilateral encounters, exploring new business opportunities, and was delighted to meet companies such as KOMATSU, world leader in the production of construction and mining equipment, JEGMOC, JETSO and many others.

"Indeed, Japan is a dynamic and constantly evolving market, renowned for its innovation, quality and commitment to excellence. Buenassa's participation in this trade mission was an exceptional opportunity to discover new trends, share knowledge and explore growth opportunities in a stimulating business environment," says Mr. Eddy KIONI, Founder and Managing Director of Buenassa.

We would like to warmly thank all the Congolese partners who made this mission possible, as well as the Japanese companies who welcomed the Buenassa team with enthusiasm and professionalism.

We are convinced that the contacts established during this economic mission will lead to new prospects for the development of business between Congo and Japan. We are committed to continuing the discussions we have begun, and to actively exploring opportunities for cooperation with the Japanese companies we met.



BUENASSA is a young company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo that aims to provide full coverage of the raw materials supply chain, from extraction to export, promoting the responsible practices of the Climate Smart Mining initiative and ensuring traceability using Blockchain technology throughout the process.

BUENASSA is also developing solutions for the financing, processing, recycling and trading of minerals considered 'critical and strategic, while contributing to the implementation of local mineral recovery programs for the development of its national mining industry.

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