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Buenassa Emerges as a New Player in the Metal Trading Market

Kinshasa, August 3rd 2023

Buenassa, young company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is pleased to announce its emergence as a new player in the metal trading market. The company aims to offer locally-processed ores, such as copper cathodes and cobalt hydroxide, and later cobalt sulfate as well as lithium, to world markets.

Eddy B.K Kioni, a recognized multi-entrepreneur in the Congolese economic ecosystem, is the founder and CEO of Buenassa. Eddy has extensive experience in various sectors such as agriculture, energy, and air transport, and is an advocate of climate action, the digital economy, and the progress of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Eddy created Buenassa in 2022 when he identified small-scale artisanal mining in cobalt and copper ores sector in the Katanga region, particularly in the Lualaba province, as a strategic economic opportunity requiring multi-faceted involvement at a national level. He has therefore decided to support the Congolese government in the development of this important national sector, which will be helpful for the energy transition as part of global climate action. Buenassa’s ultimate goal is to develop a program to enrich local critical minerals and ensure the local community benefits from this important economic activity.

Eddy has a bold vision for Buenassa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is committed to providing Buenassa customers exceptional service, while maintaining a solid commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. His expertise and in-depth knowledge of business and mining practices in the DRC are invaluable in helping investors navigate a complex environment and realize successful projects.

We are excited to welcome Mr. Kioni as Managing Director and firmly believe that his leadership will bring significant added value to the company at this crucial stage of the company's development, while consolidating its market position as it continues to grow.



BUENASSA is a young company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo that aims to provide full coverage of the raw materials supply chain, from extraction to export, promoting the responsible practices of the Climate Smart Mining initiative and ensuring traceability using Blockchain technology throughout the process.

BUENASSA is also developing solutions for the financing, processing, recycling and trading of minerals considered 'critical and strategic, while contributing to the implementation of local mineral recovery programs for the development of its national mining industry.

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