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Buenassa Announces Active Participation in 5th Edition of Katanga Business Meeting

Kinshasa, May 2nd, 2024 

Buenassa proudly announces its active role in the upcoming 5th edition of Katanga Business Meeting, scheduled for May 3-4, 2024, in Kolwezi. The event, themed “Investing in Industrial Poles for Growth Dynamics in the DRC: from Ideas to Action” will serve as a pivotal initiative aimed at becoming a central hub for transformative ideas and practical steps, uniting stakeholders to tackle socio-economic challenges in DRC.

Represented by CEO Eddy Kioni, Buenassa will stand alongside top business figures, government authorities, and industry influencers. Mr. Eddy Kioni will engage as a panelist on May 3, contributing to discussions on “Investing in Industrial Poles for Growth Dynamics in the DRC: from Ideas to Action” Furthermore, he will participate in the May 4 Breakfast Conference, focusing on “Mining Industrial Clusters, a Strategy for Shared Prosperity.”

Marie-Paule Donsimoni-Bupp, Chairwoman of Buenassa's Advisory Board, emphasizes:

"This commitment highlights Buenassa's proactive approach to advancing the mining sector, with a clear focus on assuming a pivotal role in elevating the DRC’s value chain and global supply networks."

Buenassa is resolute in its mission to contribute to the evolution of the mining industry through transparency enhancements, optimizing the DRC's supply chain, and advancing its mining value chain. The company's upcoming refinery project, slated for completion by the end of 2027, aims to champion sustainable practices in global metal supply chains, ensuring a prosperous future for the Congo.

Eddy Kioni reinforces:

“Through inclusive engagement and diverse perspectives, we anticipate the emergence of innovative ideas and action plans that will foster economic and social development in the DRC. Buenassa remains steadfast in fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing to shape a brighter future for the nation.”

The participation of esteemed local economic players in this event promises enriching discussions and the unveiling of new investment prospects to drive the country's objectives for this year and the years to come. 



Buenassa is a company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose vision is to cover the entire mineral supply chain, from extraction to export, by promoting responsible practices embedded in the climate action awareness and for the benefit of local communities, supporting inclusive economic development of youth and gender.

Buenassa develops projects aiming at implementing local minerals beneficiation programs for the development of the congolese national mining industry. 

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