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Buenassa attends a business forum in Kinshasa to explore trade and investment opportunities in the DRC market

Kinshasa, 5 July 2023

Buenassa, represented by its Managing Director, Eddy Kioni, will participate in the Business Forum scheduled for 5 to 6 July 2023 in Kinshasa (DRC). This forum is part of the twelfth session of the bi-national commission headed by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, and the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi.

The aim is to provide South African companies with a strategic platform to identify and access trade and investment opportunities in the DRC market while giving them access to key decision-makers and stakeholders.

The business forum will focus on promoting and facilitating trade in the following key

sectors: Mining, Agriculture and Agro-industry, Energy and Infrastructure and Health and


Buenassa welcomes the opportunity to participate in this event and looks forward to engaging with stakeholders and decision-makers to explore business potential in both countries' markets. The company is committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships to stimulate economic growth and development within the SADC region.



BUENASSA is a young company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo that aims to provide full coverage of the raw materials supply chain, from extraction to export, promoting the responsible practices of the Climate Smart Mining initiative and ensuring traceability using Blockchain technology throughout the process.

BUENASSA is also developing solutions for the financing, processing, recycling and trading of minerals considered 'critical and strategic, while contributing to the implementation of local mineral recovery programs for the development of its national mining industry.

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